Your younger sister is dead…or at least, that’s what everyone else in your home village of Caiseal says. Yes, she’s gone missing, and yes, the small body pulled out of the millpond had fine dark hair like hers. But you know better—even at four years of age, Jenny was just too ornery to do something silly like drown. Something is wrong. The body laid out on the alter in the chapel at Sid-Druim feels strange to you. Not only is the face blank and cold, missing that mischievous smirk that used to so annoy you, but your grandmother insists on burning the corpse in the old way of burial.

The Catholic priests would never allow this, and the old woman lets you in on a secret. She is a seer, and the body, is not your sister’s. How can you prove this? The body is to be buried, and should change, once in the ground, but into what? No one will let you dig up the body, to prove anything, but how can you find your sister?

Your granny has also mentioned that the new Cormac’s Chapel was built on old Folk’s ruins, and it is believe that some are locked in the ancient runes. Someone, is trying to release them, but how? The wake, is the best opportunity to get into the chapel and look around.

If your sister’s not dead….then where is she? Who…or what…could have carried off Jenny against her stubborn little will? And whatever could they want her for? Could this have anything to do with the Folk and the chapel?

Your younger sister is dead, her body washed up on the banks of Lough Derg over a league away! While praying at the Sid-Druim, her body laying on an alter, ready to be burned, the body feels woody, and burns all to easy. Could the body be fake? Have the Folk taken her? As these thoughts race through your mind, you begin to dream funny dreams, and feel an urge to go where your sisters body was found, you must cross the mountains between you and the lake, and find your sister, or reconfirm her death.

You will face, Kelpies, Banshees, and Piasts. As well as evil men of all races.


The sons of Mil utjaustin